Unlocking an iPad from iCloud

How to remove Activation Lock from your iPad

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It can be a scary experience to be locked out of your iCloud. Nobody wants to go through the horror. The only thing that can save you is a good unlocking software.

iCloud Unlock Buddy is your one-stop solution. We have developed a software that is fast, reliable and safe. You will be able to sync your device to the software without any hassle. The software also allows you to backup and restore all your data.

How to go about it?
Wondering how to go about unlocking iPad from iCloud? The process of unlocking iPad from iCloud is not that tough. You just have to follow a series of simple steps.

When you visit our website and click on the Download link, you will be redirected to the host. You will be able to download the software easily from there. The instructions are clear, and you will have no problem.

Once you have downloaded a copy of the iCloud Unlock, you need to copy it to your desktop and then select, 'Extract All.'

Now you have to choose the path and destination where you want the software to be installed. Click on Extract to begin the process.

Once you have extracted the usable software, you should be able to open it with just one click. If you face any issues, then you should select 'Run as Administrator.'

The Home Screen of the software will open up, and you will see three options. Select, 'Unlock a Device (USB)' and then use your Apple MFI Cable to connect your iPad to your computer. Be careful about using third-party cables because they do more harm than good.

Once your computer recognizes your iPad, you can click Continue.
An overview of the device will appear on your screen. Check the details and if the correct device is chosen. Click 'Continue Unlock Procedure.'

Select 'Update-proof iCloud Unlock' on the new screen that opens up. This mode is unique to our software and will ensure that no future iOS update is able to make the iCloud Lock active again.

A warning will come on your screen. Give it a read, and click 'Okay, I'm aware of that' if you do not have a problem.

Now iCloud Unlock Buddy will reboot your iPad into DFU mode so that a custom bootloader can be installed in it. This will help the software to form a connection to the iPad.

It's Simple and Quick - Try Unlocking iCloud from your iPad yourself!
Once the new bootloader is in place, it will try to make the necessary configurations to your device according to the settings that were specified by you. This might take around 10 minutes, but do wait because disconnecting your device can be disastrous. Not only will you have to start from the beginning all over again, but it might also cause harm to your data.

Once you see that the process is complete, you will be able to use your iPad again. It will have an entirely new identity, and you will feel like you are using an iPad right out of the store. Now, you can connect to your iCloud easily and access all your data.