How to Unlock iCloud on iPhone 6

How to remove Activation Lock from an iPhone 6

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If you have purchased an iPhone 6 from a local dealer and the previous owner had not logged out of his or her iCloud or had not removed his or her details, chances are you can be locked out. The previous iPhone 6 owners can still block you from using the iPhone. You may also have forgotten your iCloud password used during set up. So how do you unlock your iPhone 6?

What does iCloud lock Means
When we say that an iPhone is iCloud locked, we mean that iCloud account details are linked to your iPhones and all the info stored on an Apple's server. When you have this option on your phone, every time you start your device, you will need to enter your iCloud login details. The lock is activated during initial set of your iPhone and requires an iTunes account. Each account requires an Apple ID and password, so if you don’t know the details, you can’t access the account.

So the only way you can unlock you iCloud iPhone is to get your iCloud account unlocked. This basically frees you from the previous owner account and allows you to set up a new account. You will find a couple of ways to unlock iCloud iPhone 6, but most of them will cost you a couple of dollars. Some website tools are just scam; some don't work or offer a broken usable app, so you should always do your due diligence. It is for this reason, iCloud unlock buddy is recommended. iCloud unlocks buddy is free and so easy to use for anyone with a little bit of knowledge about computers. The software will unlock your iPhone 6 and works with Apple services, so you can be assured that your iPhone will get a new identity.

How to use iCloud Unlock buddy
It super easy to get started with this free software; all you need is to follow these simple steps; the software works for both Mac Os and window, but many people often use Window, so this guide shows how to unlock using Windows

Step 1: Download the app
Head on to the download page; follow the basics on the instructions and the download will begin. After downloading the app, copy it to your desktop.

Step 2: Install
Choose ‘Extract all', then select the path you want to unlock buddy app installed and click extract. Click the software and open if you have any issue run the software as an administrator on your windows.

Step 3: Unlock
Once installed, you will see a home screen of iCloud Unlock buddy. Select unlock the device button, connect your phone through the MFI cable. Do not use third party cables since this may harm your device.

Unlock procedure
Once your device is connected, hit ‘continue to unlock procedure'. Here you can choose between quick unlock, which basically removes the iCloud lock from your devices or iCloud and Blacklist option if your carrier blacklisted your phone or you can select the ‘update-proof iCloud Unlock to change your iPhone 6, so any future update will not lead to a new lock.

It is recommended you choose the last option because most of its competing software lacks its primary features. Once you click your option, iCloud unlock buddy will reboot your device into DFU mode allowing your software to communicate with your device.

This process takes about 10 minutes, so do not disconnect your device and don't let your computer go into sleep mode. Any interruption can harm your device data, so be a little patient, and that's it. Your iPhone i6 is iCloud unlocked; it's that easy!