How to use iCloud Unlock Buddy

Getting Started with our Software is easy!
To get started with iCloud Unlock Buddy head over to the download page using the button below
Our Software works with Windows and Mac OS, however in this guide we show Windows because the majority of our users use it.
Download (New Tab)
You will then be redirected to the host of the file where you can easily download the Software. Simply follow the basic on screen instructions and your download will start.
After Downloading the iCloud Unlock copy it to your desktop and choose 'Extract All'
Select the path where you want iCloud Unlock Buddy Installed and click Extract
Select the Software Executable you just extracted and click 'Open' If you encounter any issues select 'Run as Administrator'
You are now greeted with the Homescreen of iCloud Unlock Buddy.
Select the 'Unlock a Device (USB) button and connect your device to your computer via the Apple MFI Cable that came with your iPhone (do not use 3rd party cables as they can harm your device)
Click continue once your computer recognizes the device you've connected. In this case an iPhone 7
You will now see an overview of your device. Make sure the correct device is selected and hit 'Continue Unlock Procedure'
You can now choose between a 'Quick iCloud Unlock' which will only remove the iCloud Lock from your device
a 'iCloud + Blacklist Unlock' in case your device has been blacklisted by your carrier
or 'Update-proof iCloud Unlock' to modify your device so any future iOS updates do not cause iCloud Lock to reappear.
(The Update Proof iCloud Unlock is what all competing Softwares Lack and we recommend using it)
Carefully read the warning and once you are good to go continue using the 'Okay, I'm aware of that' button
iCloud Unlock Buddy is now rebooting your device into DFU mode. This will allow the Software to install a custom boot loader that allows the Software to communicate with the device
After iCloud Unlock Buddy loaded the new boot loader it will start configuring your device to the settings you specified. This can take up to 10 minutes so please do not disconnect your device and make sure your computer doesn't go into sleep mode. A interruption of this process can cause harm to the data on your device.
Now you're done! Using iCloud Unlock Buddy is THAT EASY!

Looking to give it a try yourself?
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